A Very Successful Bash

Some of you may be wondering by now, “How was the Blue Moon Bash?!” Well, it totally lived up to it’s name.

photo by Etienne Frossard

The event took more than a month of planning by our small but dedicated crew – a group of women I loved getting to know in the process. As we reached out to local businesses and restaurants for sponsorship and donations, we were met with so much generosity. It would not have been possible to pull off a successful fundraiser had it not been for the contributions of many. But even as the day of the event approached, and we all scrambled to put the pieces in place (it was admitted, I was not the only one who suffered nightmares that something crucial had been forgotten), we knew it would come down to attendance. A bash isn’t a bash without people at the party.

And a bash it was. Almost 400 people came out to Southpaw to support and celebrate our farmers this past Sunday. Friends and neighbors, market goers and market staff, and even strangers who simply cared about our cause – the place was packed with people having a truly great time. I can’t even begin to express how inspiring this show of community was. Among our little planning committee we set a very ambitious goal of raising $10,000. And I’m proud to say that we very nearly met it.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Blue Moon Bash. Collectively we made a significant contribution toward the livelihoods of 2 amazing people and let them know just how much they mean to us. And boy was it fun! It’s not often that you get to see your farmers (and fisherman) cut loose.

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