Living the Delicious Life

This weekend I experienced a wonderland of culinary goodness all within a 4 block radius of my Brooklyn apartment.

I headed to the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket on Saturday afternoon. It was later than usual and most of the crowds had died down, so I strolled leisurely around searching for ingredients for the week’s cooking and photographing the bounty. I’m happy to announce that the blueberries and raspberries have arrived! I saw a few cherries here and there, which means they’ll likely be everywhere next week – time to hunt for some new cherry recipes.

I picked up some supplies from the fish vendor in order to take a first pass at making a Liguria-inspired fish ragu (more on this later) and spent the evening shelling sweet peas, making stocks (veggie and fish), and eventually dinner.

First Blueberries of the Season

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On Sunday Brad and I convened with friends back at the Grand Army Plaza to taste our way around the Food Truck Rally, an awesome new monthly event where a bunch of the city’s great food trucks park themselves where the Saturday greenmarket vendors set up. There were long lines of happy, hungry people everywhere.

Our crew finally got to taste the much-talked-about Kimchi tacos (and damn are they good) as well as some sweet, satisfying “watermelonade”, Rickshaw dumplings (chicken and Thai basil with peanut dipping sauce – mmmm!) and some deliciously tart frozen Joyride yogurt. I snagged some cookies from The Treats Truck for later, and then we all went on with our days.

Kimchi Tacos!

Earlier that day, when Brad and I were out walking Francine, we wandered through the 7th Avenue Street Fair – an annual event that we never seem to remember is happening until it’s right outside our door – and spied some seriously incredible smelling BBQ being tended in a smoker just a few blocks from our house. So post-Food Truck Rally, a few hours later with renewed appetites, we headed back to get us some.

The Pitmaster told me “Your timing is impeccable. This is the last Brisket of the day and it’s been in the smoker for 29 hours (!). I’m serious, this is gonna blow your mind.” My disappointment that they were already sold out of pulled pork instantly vanished as soon as I bit into the sandwich (topped which homemade BBQ and hot sauce). The Pitmaster watched us, confidently anticipating of our approval, and then he petted, kissed (I thought we were the only ones who did that!), and gave Francine a handful of brisket.

The Pitmaster and The Smoker

3 new fans walked home happy and smacking our sticky lips in satisfaction.

5 Responses to “Living the Delicious Life”

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    Emily says:

    Yum! Your food photography is looking awesome.

    • #

      Heather says:

      Thanks Emily! Great natural light helps. Still working on the whole indoors thing… Think I might need some sort of quick lighting rig I can assemble right outside of the kitchen.

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    Daughter Fish says:

    Now I wish we’d gone down with you to see the pit master! Looks yummy. And yes, your food photography is looking very nice!

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    Lan says:

    that phofo of francine looking so happy made me want to just stand up and clap my hands. and the kimchi taco truck yesterday! i wish i had some now..

    • #

      Heather says:

      Those are some damn good tacos. Now I want them for lunch!

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