Recipe Roundup and My Crush on Steve

Who is Steve? I know you’re wondering. Well, I’ve assumed he is the maker of my new favorite ice cream (although apparently these days the operation is run by a guy name Dave). Recently Brad and I discovered his ice cream at the Park Slope Food Coop, and it is, as modern dance legend Judith Jamison would say, divine. We’ve tasted Strawberry Ricotta Ice Cream, Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream, (you drooling yet?), Mint Coconut Creme with Cacao Chips, and our favorite thus far, Mexican Chili Chocolate Ice Cream.

I just came across this behind-the-scenes slide show of their operation on the Serious Eats blog. If you haven’t tasted Steve’s yet, get yourself some. Oh, and Steve, we like your website.

The makings of a fancy night at Chez Thomason. Vino e dolce!

On a slightly related and also delicious note, we had lunch today at a neighborhood haunt with our friend Allan (ciao, Allan!), where I favor homemade tamales and horchata, and we all sipped on a spicy, Oaxacan hot chocolate for dessert. Mmmmm!

And so we enter into the weekend after a bit of a grueling week. Tonight Brad and I whipped up a meal with what was left of the greenmarket booty. We made pesto with a root of basil that I kept in glass of water all week (like fresh flowers in the kitchen, but edible!), which we tossed with some roasted new potatoes and cherry tomatoes and paired with pan roasted chicken and grilled radicchio.

While I’m on the subject of new potatoes, check out this insanely delicious post for the NY Times Diner’s Journal on garlic and herb new potatoes baked in parchment.

As usual, I’ve been scanning the interwebs all week for recipes, but by far the most unique one I’ve come across has been this recipe for grilled English peas on the Simple Recipes blog. I repeat, grilled peas. Do you know I have peas on the brain these days? Recipes to come…

We’re off early tomorrow morning for a Pennsylvania family reunion. I’m dreaming of Amish farmers’ markets en route home, while Brad has his heart set on (vintage modern) antiquing. Sure enough we will find good food and I will return tell about it.

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