Trying to Look Tasty

The new favorite Bad Feather pastime is food photography. Since we finally launched this website we’re trying to brush up on our skillz. Brad is forever chatting up our friend Etienne (who is a super talented Brooklyn photographer who took most of the pictures on the Bradley Farm website) for tips. I know 2 ladies, Shawn and Emily, who could probably show us a thing or two. And if my sister-in-law would just move to Brooklyn already (hi Amanda!), she seems to have a real knack for making my food look good in photos. But alas, we are stumbling forward working out our own methods. Here are a few things I’ve discovered over the past few weeks:

  • It’s all too easy to take gross pictures of food you think looks delicious
  • Taking pictures of dinner while you’re making it will double your cooking time
  • Natural light makes for good photos, florescent kitchen light, not so much

*Here are some helpful hints from a real pro.

Strawberries, I just can't get enough

And so we come to the caption. Sometimes when I’m editing photos I have to fight the urge to insert song lyrics as captions. Like this photo up above (strawberries were gorgeous, lighting could use some work) – when I look at it I can’t stop hearing that Depeche Mode song “Just Can’t Get Enough” (stop what you’re doing and watch this video), probably because we’ve been consuming insane amounts of strawberries. In a few weeks when I’m munching on cherries and the strawberries are long gone until next year, it’d be awesome if I could have the Boyz 2 Men song “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” ringing through my brain.

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    Daughter Fish says:

    Just please don’t tell me you’re going to have that Presidents of the United States’ “Peaches” song going during peach season.

    But Boyz 2 Men is just fine.

    I think your photography is dope.

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