Yesterday it Rained in the Desert

I woke up next to the Green River this morning. I’m in Southern Utah surrounded by some of my best and oldest friends. In a few hours I’ll get on a boat and spend the next few days on the Colorado river, completely untethered.

I’ll wake up from this dream on Thursday and head back to Brooklyn where Brad is looking after Francine and Bad Feather, allowing me to have this escape. I hope he doesn’t starve while I’m gone.

As for food memories, don’t worry about me – I’m in Melon Country. See you on the flip side.

4 Responses to “Yesterday it Rained in the Desert”

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    Kimberley says:

    AHHHHH! Southern Utah is my other favorite place. (Well, and then Oregon and Washington.) So flipping gorgeous down there and even though I was on my own adventure very recently, I am still jealous. Hope you’re having an epic time.

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    Heather says:

    Ladies, you are right to be jealous :) It was a much needed and certainly epic pause from everyday life. Today I’m feeling very much like my feet are back in Brooklyn but my head and heart are still somewhere on that river…

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    kalie says:

    Prettier than AZ

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